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Semtech Corporation 是行業領先的供應商,為基礎設施、高端消費者和工業設備提供高性能類比和混合信號半導體產品以及先進演算法。60 年來,我們根據創新、規模、效率、性能和覆蓋範圍設計和製造不同的專有平台,經驗豐富。我們的半導體產品組合非常均衡,被原始設備製造商及其供應商用於汽車、廣播設備、資料中心、光纖網路 (PON)、工業、物聯網 (IoT)、LCD 電視、智慧手機、平板電腦、可穿戴設備和無線基礎設施應用。


類別 描述 連結
Professional AV BlueRiver, AVX
Broadcasting Video AV Interface & Protocol Conversion, Configurable EQ/CD, Cable Drivers, Cable Equalizers, Crosspoints, Receivers (Deserializers), Reclocking, Transmitters (Serializers), Timing
Circuit Protection General Purpose ESD Protection, ESD & EMI Filter Devices, High-Current Lightning Protection, Low-Capacitance TVS, Low-Voltage ESD Protection, Automotive
Smart Sensing SAR Sensors, Touch & Proximity Devices, Touchscreen Controllers, IO Expanders
Power Management EcoBrite LED Drivers, EcoSpeed DC-DC Converters, FemtoBuck DC-DC Regulators and Controllers, FemtoSwitch Load Switch ICs, nanoSmart LDOs, Neo-Iso Solid State Relays, Special Functions
Signal Integrity Clock & Data Recovery, Laser Drivers and Transceivers, Limiting Amplifiers, ROSAs, Signal Conditioners, Transimpedance Amplifiers
Wireless Charging LinkCharge Low Power EVMs, LinkCharge Medium Power EVMs, LinkCharge High Power EVMs, LinkCharge ICs
High Reliability Rectifier Diodes, TVS Diodes, Zener Diodes, High Current Rectifier Assemblies, High Voltage Rectifier Assemblies, Single Phase Full Wave Bridge Assemblies, Three Phase Full Wave Bridge Assemblies, Center Tap and Doubler Assemblies, TVS Assemblies, COTS Diodes, COTS Power