Wireless Sensor Network


Traditional sensors usually only have the ability to collect and report the environmental parameters sensed. However, by integrating the wireless communication function and the sensor into a smart wireless sensing device, many wireless sensors distributed in space can be made available. The measurement devices can further form a so-called wireless sensing network, and cooperate with each other to monitor, process, and control different locations or different environmental parameters.
With the deployment of wireless sensing networks, the system can automatically make appropriate changes or control to the environment based on the current environmental status and user activity detected by the wireless sensing device, or send out Message notification and other methods to interact with users as necessary.
The wireless sensor network uses various wireless communication technologies such as BLE, Zigbee, WiFi, 4GLTE or 5G mobile communication systems to form a network composed of sensors or data collection devices, which is sufficient to form a dense virtual network Road world.



  • BLE/Zigbee/WiFi/Wi-SUN
  • 4GLTE/5G



  • Home health
  • Safety monitoring
  • Car driving assistance
  • Video traffic monitoring
  • Industrial and agricultural automation