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The Alltek Group is committed to the promotion and sales of semiconductor electronic components. Aiming at the product function gaps required by the industry and the market, through the strong R&D experiences accumulated within our group, with the components as the main axis, it is committed to integrating and conforming to the market. The required product features provide partners with the most accurate and rapid design services. The Group’s own products cover a variety of applications in the industry. For example, health care, smart home, maritime communications and smart Internet of Things are all areas where the Group’s own products are focused.


Traditional medical assistance and long-term care systems based on image sensoring technology. The privacy of patient images has been violated because of medical or care needs for no reason. This has gradually become an issue that the medical care system must overcome. The demand for non-contact vital sign sensing and imageless human detection has emerged. The Alltek Group integrates internal resources and uses the technology accumulated by the subsidiary AMEC in the mmwave radar field to integrate high-precision and high-speed computing solutions. The chipsets with signal processing capability has launched corresponding sensing modules for the needs of Human Detection and Vital Sensing:

Classification Description Link
AMEC-R60B-111 The AMEC-R60B-111 is a radar system based on 60GHz mmWave technology and available for Human Detection Algorithm.

AMEC-R60B-211 The AMEC-R60B-211 is a radar system based on 60GHz mmWave technology and available for Vital Sensing Algorithm.