Alltek Technology has been looking for suitable talents for a long time. The new partner we are looking for must have teamwork spirit, be professional, active, enthusiastic, humorous and happy, be willing to dig deeper into the professional field, and not hesitate to invest in ourselves. We deeply look forward to everyone joining us being like a duck to water and expanding their successful career.

In the future, Alltek technology still adheres to the responsibility of promoting the communication revolution in which millions of people around the world share information and ideas, positive innovation and breakthrough, and continuously adhere to the common prosperity and sharing of customers, employees and the company. These are the driving forces for Alltek technology to continue to move towards the next century and flourish. If you agree with our concept, you are welcome to contact us to give each other a chance to know each other further and become a working partner. All colleagues are looking forward to knowing you!

Join our family and create the future together

Business Philosophy

1. Integrity

realistic business philosophy with strict integrity to perform long term commitments to customers, suppliers, employees, and the shareholders.

2. Professionalism and Efficiency

providing real-time and sophisticated technical supports to customers and generate win-win business.

3. Innovation

continuously improving in R&D, sales, management, and services to create leading industry position.

4. Teamwork

concrete team management with consensus to maximize competitiveness and synergy.

Value Proposition


Alltek Vision

Strong IC design ability and system integration expertise

Alltek is outstanding in Design in, g, so it has a good reputation in the difficult to enter professional communication industry. The chief of the whole section has been focusing on the field of communication technology for a long time, and plays an integrated key role in promoting and introducing the R & D of new generation communication products.

Continue to expand overseas markets

At present, in addition to the Taipei head office, it has marketing bases in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Nanjing, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and other places. This year’s business focus, in addition to the continued optimism of various agency products due to the vigorous development of the Internet and related communication industry, the company will continue to introduce competitive products to make the company’s revenue grow explosively.

Attach importance to personnel education and training

Arrange an exclusive career education and training plan for individuals, and work together through internal training and overseas original factory training, so as to strengthen professional quality and comprehensively improve the human level of all employees.