3D visual recognition access control system


The third generation of artificial intelligence led by machine learning has become the core technology necessary for the innovation and upgrading of various industries in the future. Among them, the edge artificial intelligence (Edge AI) devices and technologies are particularly attracting attention and expectations, the most typical example It is the trend of 3D face recognition unlocking brought by the iPhone’s Face ID.
However, in addition to unlocking mobile phones, the application of face recognition is quite extensive.For example, households, finance, retail, security, and even medical care have begun to introduce face recognition as an identity recognition function.
Take facial recognition access control equipment as an example. With the convenience and security of using facial recognition for identity authentication, it has become more and more popular and accepted by the public. Traditional electronic access control locks that use password and fingerprint recognition are converted or added. The trend of facial recognition and unlocking functions is continuing.
The current 3D face recognition system can not only accurately distinguish between flat photos and real faces, but also can further detect whether a 3D mask is used to deceive the system. As related technologies become more mature and sophisticated, 3D vision recognition access control systems are safe and reliable Sexuality is bound to increase substantially.



  • VGG16/VGG19
  • ResNet
  • MobileNet


  • Smart door lock
  • Office access control card system
  • Security gate control
  • Retail payment system


  • Standalone Edge AI



  • Companion Edge AI


  • Software Edge AI