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About Kangxi Communication Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (KCT).

Kangxi Communication Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (KCT) was founded in September of 2014, and is currently located in Zhangjiang High-tech Park. In August of 2016, KCT became a wholly owned subsidiary of Grand Chip Microelectronics Co., Ltd (GCM). Now GCM, as headquarters, is an operation and application center, which has R&D centers in Shanghai (KCT) and California, a logistics center in Hongkong.

KCT is committed to delivering high-performance, high-efficiency, and highly integrated RF Front-End IC products, as well as provide optimized RF P&P(Place & Play) solutions.

The core team consists of world-class experts and talented individuals, who are familiar with many of the world’s leading technologies. They have many years of experience in research and development, systems engineering, production and operation, business development, and project management in the RFIC industry.

Our products are mainly applied to WLAN Infrastructure, 5G NR, the Internet of Things, etc.




WLAN Infrastructure Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 6 Protocols. MU-MIMO
Application: Cellular Connectivity/ AP Router/ Wireless Connectivity/Gateway
Feature: High Linearity/ High Efficiency/ Full Integration
5G NR products 5G NR Sub 6GHz
Application: 5G Cell Station / CPE / 5G Module
Feature: High Power/ High Efficiency/ Small Packaging
Internet of Things ZigBee / BLE / NB–IoT Application: Smart Audio Speaker/ Smart Devices/ Smart Home Feature: Cost Effective/ Fully-integrated CMOS Technology