The foundation of Alltek Technology

Alltek Technology Corp. was founded in April 1991 as a professional communication components distributor and solution provider. We invited veteran R&D talents from internationally reputable communications companies to provide total solutions to customers. Unlike conventional component representatives who provide only quotations and delivery dates, we offer customers more by helping customers to solve bottlenecks of product development via a comprehensive program, hence raising the overall quality of the industry.

Ever since Alltek Technology Corp. was founded in 1991, the total solutions have become our main business strategy which relies on our strong technical developments and supports. Alltek equips the capacity for ASIC, module and system developments, as well as for customization and the software and firmware modification capabilities。

Alltek’s veteran management team shares strong background in engineering, product research and development; they came from Siemens, IBM, Motorola, CSIST, Tatung, and Institute for Information Industry. Accordingly, humanity, flexibility and efficiency have become the main objectives when it comes to organization structure, system plan, and employee management。


Alltek commits to pursuit the maximum benefits of shareholders, customers, suppliers and its employees with the continuous devotions. “Think globally, act locally”. We are dedicating to fulfill customer requests with local knowledge and international service standard to remain the leading competitive edges in the global IC distributor business.

Professional Team Advanced Technology

With our patented core technologies, integrated with our cutting edge R&D foundations, we established our own lab to create modularized circuits, ASICs, and total system development complementing our authorized products. The research and development teams have many years of technical experience, specializing in wire networks, wireless communications, telecommunication equipment, data and network communications, development of information software and hardware, and digital circuit designs.

Continuous Training to Employees Professional Support to Customers

To achieve striding development and persistence of symbiosis, we nurture and encourage employees to grow with the company through meticulous hr training, mentorship, and implementation of projects, integration of product, technology, and sales personnel to establish a service triangle for understanding the customers needs and be a specialized consultant providing the most complete and efficient service in leading the role of a supplier.

Business Philosophy


realistic business philosophy with strict integrity to perform long term commitments to customers, suppliers, employees, and the shareholders.


providing real-time and sophisticated technical supports to customers and generate win-win business.


continuously improving in R&D, sales, management, and services to create leading industry position.


concrete team management with consensus to maximize competitiveness and synergy.