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Broadcom’s extensive product portfolio serves multiple applications within four primary end markets: wired infrastructure, wireless communications, enterprise storage and industrial & others. Applications for our products in these end markets include: data center networking, home connectivity, broadband access, telecommunications equipment, smartphones and base stations, data center servers and storage, factory automation, power generation and alternative energy systems, and displays.
Broadcom Limited combines global scale, engineering depth, broad product portfolio diversity and superior execution and operational focus to deliver category-leading connectivity products so its customers can build and grow successful businesses today and in the future.


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Wi-Fi 6E Ecosystem Solutions Faster Speed, Lower Latency and Higher Capacity Wi-Fi 6E is an enhanced version of the Wi-Fi 6 that extends the IEEE 802.11ax standard to the 6-GHz band. Wi-Fi 6E can access up to seven 160-MHz channels to support various bandwidth-driven use cases and provides greater capacity to connect more devices in more places.
Broadband Access Solutions Connecting the Gigabit Broadband Infrastructure There are several leading technology implementations across the cable, DSL and fiber infrastructure that enable high data rate broadband in the “last mile” which consumers can access gigabit broadband service links between the customer premise and the operator broadband infrastructure. From broadband modem ICs for the customer premise to the CMTS/CCAP, DSLAM and OLT SoC platform solutions for the operator broadband infrastructure, Broadcom’s products enable global service providers to deploy next generation broadband access technologies across multiple standards to deliver more bandwidth and faster data speeds to consumers.
Data Center Solutions Empowering the Data-Driven Network Data centers are an integral part of modern IT infrastructure. Equipped with advanced networking, computing and storage equipment. Broadcom is providing the data center solutions with a comprehensive portfolio of network, server and storage connectivity. The service is including Ethernet switch, controller and PHY to custom ASIC, Fibre Channel SAN switch and HBA, SSD/HDD controller, NVMe/SAS/SATA/PCIe storage connectivity and optical transceiver components.
Enterprise Security Solutions Protecting the Digital Infrastructure To protect business assets and customer privacy, it is imperative that an enterprise’s security be continuously maintained and improved to effectively guard against internal and external threats. Broadcom is providing enterprise security solutions worldwide leveraging the breadth and depth of expertise in both hardware and software security, and offers a broad portfolio of embedded security solutions, industry-leading mainframe security and payment authentication software.
Automotive Solutions Advancing Next Generation Automotive Electronics Electronics now play a vital role in almost every part of the vehicle, from the body to the powertrain to the infotainment system, especially consumers also demand more innovation in advanced safety, security, infotainment, comfort, and convenience features. Broadcom is providing the automotive semiconductor solutions in vehicle connectivity and networking, optical isolation and sensing, wireless communications, and LED lighting.