Data Center Computing Architecture


To meet the needs of Data-intensive Application and Hyper-scale Computing, modern data centers require solutions that offer maximum performance with minimal power consumption.
While compute and storage devices have native PCIe for internal communication, they all use different technologies, such as Ethernet or InfiniBand, to connect externally. When the modern data center is driven to have higher computing performance, lower latency of time spending and power dissipations, multi-tasking and flexibilities in system configurations, we have to provide wider product portfolios for PCIe Switches to improve the lacks of the connection channels, in order to drive the revolution of data center system architecture.



  • PCI Express Gen3/Gen4/Gen5
  • PCI Express Base Specification, Revision 3.0
  • PCI Express Base r 3.0 DPC/eDPC ECN
  • PCI ExpressCard CEM r 2.0
  • PCI ExpressCard Mini CEM r 1.1
  • MCTP Host Interface Specification Version 1.0.0
  • SR-IOV and Sharing Specification Revision 1.1



  • Rack-Based and Blade-Based Servers – Include GPGPU
  • Storage Appliances – Include NVMe
  • High-Performance Computing Clusters
  • MicroServers