Set-top box

Set Top Box) is a product with complete decoding and conversion capabilities of TV signals. Digital TV signals (including high-definition video, high-quality audio, interactive digital data, etc.) from terrestrial, cable, satellite, or Internet ), decoded and converted into a standard video signal, and displayed the video image by TV, monitor or projector.
As TV viewing behavior Changes, Set Top Box no longer simply provides consumers to watch standard TV channels provided by operators, but can also install third-party applications such as Youtube, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Choose the TV programs you want to watch from more sources of video supply platforms.
Set Top Box has a similar computer complex system architecture, such as central processing unit (CPU/SoC), memory (DRAM), video/audio codec (Video/Audio Codec), radio frequency signal demodulator (RF Tuner), smart Card reading system, even hard disk (HDD), optical disc drive (DVD ROM), etc. These complex hardware systems still need an operating system (OS) and middle-ware (Middle-Ware) to manage to provide a humanized and intelligent operating interface. Set Top Box products respond to changes in viewing behavior patterns and demand for video quality. In addition to continuously improving the ability and quality of video decoding and output, Also continue to add more peripheral control units, such as wireless networks and Bluetooth devices, etc. Set Top Box will become the main product of the family’s audio-visual entertainment center.



•Video: MPEG2/MPEG4,H.265/HEVC,H.264/AVC



1. Cable STB
The cable STB mainly used to receive the signals from cable TV system, it’s able to provide reliable quality video, video on demand (VOD), multiple channels, high transmission rate,interactive TV and PVR functions. It’s high shipping amounts only Satellite STB can step over in North America.
2. Satellite STB
Satellite STB was the earliest digitalized technology companied with more mature industry. It’s the number one shipping amounts in all STB applications. Majorly used to receive direct broadcast satellite (DBS) signals, be able to provide services of interactive paid TV such as Pay-Per-View(PPV), TV internet, Movie, PVR,
Email, Gaming and SMS,…etc, cost higher, but wider service ranges
3. Terrestrial STB
Terrestrial STB can be classified as two levels: lower end and higher end products. The lower end STB provides basic digital and analog signals transforming for basic STB functions. The higher level products can also provide internet access, video recording and storages. It’s popular and mainly used in Europe with lower installation cost, provides user free TV service in the city with high populations. Terrestrial STB will become the main stream as the modules integrated into Digital TV side in near future.
STB receives the video signal from internet is getting popular in recent years, it’s able to provide complete interactive service with reliable transmission quality by leverage the ADSL, VDSL ,PON or LTE broadband communications. It will bring high growth for STB market while the video format with higher compression ratio technology was integrated in the future.