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ANPEC Electronics Corp., established in October 1997, is the first listed Power IC (power integrated circuit) design company in Taiwan. To meet the needs of the high-end market, ANPEC Electronics started its transformation in 2000, investing significantly to establish digital/hybrid IC design capabilities and related product lines, and becoming a power-based mix-signal IC supplier to provide customers with complete mix-signal IC solutions.

Ever since then, high quality, high-value-added “sons” have been introduced to the market to wide acclaim. There are six primary product lines: Power Management, Motor Driver, LED Driver, Audio, Optical and Discrete Power Device.


Category Classification


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Comm. offers a wide range of solutions for small cell base stations, passive optical networks, routers and TV cable boxes DC/DC converters, controllers, LDOs, DDR terminators, load switches, sequencers, etc.
Consumer provides individual high-voltage DC/DC power solutions and highly integrated/customized PMICs for consumer, portable/IOT and automotive electronic products Including battery chargers, IP/POE/Battery network cameras, smart doorbells, wireless charging for cars, Type-C PD/Hub and NB-Cam VCSEL/IR-LED drivers, etc.
DDR memory provides various discrete or integrated power solutions for DDR memory As DDR5 PMICs UDIMM and SO-DIMM become the mainstream of large-capacity and high-bandwidth memory modules.