Based on the concept of earnings sharing, general technology clearly stipulates the employee dividend ratio in the articles of association to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to participate.

An employee welfare committee shall be established, and the company and colleagues shall allocate welfare funds as the source of funds for the implementation of various welfare measures in accordance with the regulations.

Promote various welfare measures and activities through the creativity and ideas of colleagues, so as to condense the friendship of colleagues and the sense of identity and centripetal force to the company.

In order to enhance the well-being of the employees of General Technology Co., Ltd., improve the centripetal force of employees to the company, share the business results of the enterprise, and ensure the life of employees after retirement, the Employee Stock Ownership Trust Committee of General Technology Co., Ltd. was established.

Members pay a certain amount of NT dollars as self-withdrawal funds each month, and the company uses 50% of the self-withdrawal funds provided by each person each month as a subsidy, and transfers it to a special trust account.