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Littelfuse has a long history of pioneering innovative products and services to serve the engineering needs of customers and industries. This commitment started in 1927, when Edward V. Sundt founded Littelfuse and invented the first small, fast-acting protective fuse to prevent sensitive test meters from burning out. From that pioneering first step, our company has gone on to define the standards of the circuit protection industry and become a global leader in circuit protection, power control, and sensing platforms.

The company’s early work was hallmarked by the introduction of fuses for the automotive, aviation and communications industries. This foundation provided us an opportunity for ongoing engineering innovation that led to circuit protection solutions for other industries and end markets like fuses for television sets and mission-critical, life-protecting high-durability fuses to protect micro-circuitry for NASA’s Gemini space program.




Fuse PG Fuse、Surface Mount Fuse、Nano Fuse、Special Fuse
TVS Diode TVS Diode
Diode Array Diode Array
PPTC Low Resistance、Surface Mount、Telecom
Protection Relay DC Relay、Relay current transformer、Motor Protection
GDT Low to Medium High、High、Square
ESD PESD、Pulse-Guard、Xtreme-Guard
Power Semi Discrete MOSFET、Discrete IGBT、N-Channel、P-Channel
Varistor Radial Leaded、Surface Mount、Industrial High Energy
SSR SSR、High Voltage DC、Time Delay