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Advancement in hi-definition display technologies is changing the way professional AV equipment is being used to communicate, broadcast, interact, collaborate & advertise in commercial environments.

A Montreal-based company, AptoVision has redefined the AV signal processing and distribution platform through its BlueRiver™ technology and FPGA-based chipsets. Integrating unique IP, the BlueRiver™ platform delivers 50% to 80% reduction in system costs and up to 10x performance gains over comparable solutions. The platform also enables the only products in the world which scale with current and evolving AV signal distribution requirements for ultra-high definition video, multi-format signal support and advanced pixel processing.





Professional AV BlueRiver, AVX
Broadcasting Video AV Interface & Protocol Conversion, Configurable EQ/CD, Cable Drivers, Cable Equalizers, Crosspoints, Receivers (Deserializers), Reclocking, Transmitters (Serializers), Timing
Circuit Protection General Purpose ESD Protection, ESD & EMI Filter Devices, High-Current Lightning Protection, Low-Capacitance TVS, Low-Voltage ESD Protection, Automotive
Smart Sensing SAR Sensors, Touch & Proximity Devices, Touchscreen Controllers, IO Expanders
Power Management EcoBrite LED Drivers, EcoSpeed DC-DC Converters, FemtoBuck DC-DC Regulators and Controllers, FemtoSwitch Load Switch ICs, nanoSmart LDOs, Neo-Iso Solid State Relays, Special Functions
Signal Integrity Clock & Data Recovery, Laser Drivers and Transceivers, Limiting Amplifiers, ROSAs, Signal Conditioners, Transimpedance Amplifiers
Wireless Charging LinkCharge Low Power EVMs, LinkCharge Medium Power EVMs, LinkCharge High Power EVMs, LinkCharge ICs
High Reliability Rectifier Diodes, TVS Diodes, Zener Diodes, High Current Rectifier Assemblies, High Voltage Rectifier Assemblies, Single Phase Full Wave Bridge Assemblies, Three Phase Full Wave Bridge Assemblies, Center Tap and Doubler Assemblies, TVS Assemblies, COTS Diodes, COTS Power