Business Focus

Alltek holding spirit of advanced technology and diversification has been firmly committed to communication technology and has established a proven reputation for technology support. Based on the principle of consistent profitability, we aim at steadying and expanding our own foundation to ensure our future growth.

Products and applications

Wired broadband devices

The application include central office, mobile, computer and server devices, the network facilities for data, audio and video transmission, etc.

Wireless communication devices

The application include the short distance wireless communications between PC, NB, tablet computers, servers, industrial control, and also mobile phones, portable products, etc.

Optical communication devices

The application include long distance and high speed communication such as PON networks for centrol office, customer premises equipment and the point-to-pint network facilities needs high-speed signal transmission, etc.

Signal processing and system peripheral devices

Digital image, audio signal processing, playing and transmission devices
The application include signal conversion and processing for digital set-top boxes, audio/video servers, network players, communication facilities and entertainment equipment, etc.

The semiconductor protection devices for communication interfaces
The application include protecting electric equipments from lightning strikes, surges impaction and electrostatic induction, such as network gateway, network transmission, data communication facilities, etc.

Data storage and energy conversion devices
It contains widely used discrete components resides in most electric device sub-systems. In which its electric circuits need power supplier, power management, data memory, clock signal, high-speed signal interfaces to facilitate a complete function system design.