Human Rights Protection

To fulfill corporate social responsibilities and implement human rights protection, the Company refers to the International Bill of Human Rights, International Labor Organization Fundamental Conventions and Core Labor Standards, UN Global Compact, Responsible Business Alliance and its Code of Conduct, etc., the following human rights enforcement policies have been established to eliminate any violations of human rights, and to enable internal and external employees to receive reasonable, equal and dignified treatment.

Alltek Human Rights Policy
Implementation policy Provide a safe and healthy work environment Support employees’ physical and mental health Avoid discrimination of any kind that affects job opportunities



Plan and measure

  • Comprehensive insurance planning from the inside out allows employees to work with peace of mind. Occupational safety and health prevention drills are held on a regular basis.
  • Establishment of employee assistance mechanisms and a two-way communication channel for colleagues: Through various communication channels such as green windows, labor-management meetings, cross-department meetings, etc., to achieve unimpeded communication and a friendly workplace.
  • Comprehensive health management system: Implementing the four major plans of the Department of Occupational Safety and Health, along with annual health questionnaires and employee health check-ups.
  • Promote health promotion activities on a yearly basis.
  • Creating a female-friendly workplace
  • Support gender neutrality and their work rights
  • Support gender neutrality and their work rights (Adaptive Work Assessment / Functional Rehabilitation Aid Application / External Consultant Consultation)
Implementation policy Prohibition of child labor and illegal workers Prohibition of forced labor Assistance of employees in achieving work-life balance

Plan and measure

Not to hire underage workers under the age of 18. In addition, before hiring new employees, the identity and qualifications are reviewed in detail to ensure that all employees have the legal status to perform the work. The Company enforces the weekend system and and encourages employees to maintain work-life balance.
  • Encourage and support the establishment of associations and provide subsidies.
  • Organize employee health day, family day, and charity events.
  • Workplace Diversity Policy – Age-Friendly Workplace

In August 2022, the Bureau of Occupational Safety and Health of the Ministry of Labor mentioned in the “Workplace Sustainable Health and Safety SDGs Disclosure Practices Guide GRI403” that “enterprises are facing the trend of changes in the social population structure due to low birth rates and aging, and responding to labor shortages and competition for excellent talents is a sustainable business risk that enterprises have to face.” As of 2022, nearly 30% of Alltek’s employees are aged 45 or above, nearing one-third of the total workforce. Therefore, starting from 2022, the company has formulated the “Middle-aged and Elderly Workers Adaptation Plan,” incorporating it into the “Four Dimensions of Employee Care in a Happy Workplace,” specifically in the “Specialized Individual Assistance Mechanism” cyclic framework. Proactively engaging in the indicator review framework for the friendly certification of middle-aged and elderly workplaces by the Taipei City and New Taipei City labor departments, the company internally promotes the “Adaptation Work Plan.” In 2023, it was honored with certification for this initiative.

  • Middle-aged and Elderly Workers Adaptation Plan

Alltek introduced the “Middle-aged and Elderly Workers Adaptation Plan” in 2023. Combine the annually provided health check-up items for employees with those exceeding legal requirements, and integrate them into the health management system. Through a systematic mechanism, it is possible to calculate and assess the risk index, and then plan and implement health programs for employees. Subsequently, professional “workplace health care nurses” are entrusted to assist employees in comprehensive physical and mental illness prevention education. Through a health app platform, personalized health management and data tracking for employees are established, providing comprehensive risk report analysis. This allows for early intervention in employees’ physical and mental health issues, ensuring their health is monitored closely. Employees can also make online appointments for consultation with occupational medical nurses for one-on-one caring interviews through the APP health management system provided by the Company, and take care of their health through the personalized APP system.

In 2023, a total of 57 employees completed caring interviews and health education guidance. And occupational health nurses conducted suitability assessments for middle-aged and elderly workers, including caring interviews with 4 employees to assist in applying for suitable aids for middle-aged and elderly workers, enabling them to receive good assistance in their work.

Alltek is committed to implementing relevant support measures and programs in the next 3-5 years to continue creating a more secure and friendly working environment for middle-aged and elderly employees.

  • Gender Equality Policy – Maternal Health Protection

To ensure that employees’ newborns receive comprehensive care, Alltek responds to the government’s implementation of the unpaid parental leave policy. According to the Ministry of Labor’s “Gender Equality in Employment Act,” employees can apply for unpaid parental leave according to their personal needs. This provides employees who need to care for infants and young children with maternity leave and assists them in preparing for return to work and transitioning back into their roles, maintaining a balance between work and family life.

Human Rights Communication

Alltek values the opinions and rights of employees, establishing diverse communication platforms and channels to gather consensus among employees, promote harmonious labor relations, and enhance communication. Diverse communication channels include: Welfare Committee, Labor-Management Meetings (quarterly), Green Window, All-Staff Quarterly Meetings, and open and transparent discussions and reviews of various labor, management, and human rights policies during cross-departmental meetings. To strengthen communication channels, education and training are held to promote communication channels to employees. Feedback and suggestions can be effectively provided for any occupational safety, labor, or ethical issues. Through education and training, colleagues’ attention to human rights-related issues is enhanced. In 2023, the total hours of employee workplace health and safety promotion amounted to 234 hours.

Green Window

The Company attaches great importance to listening to the inner voice of employees, and spare no effort to protect the rights and interests of employees. When formulating various policies, the Company takes into account the rights and interests of employees to ensure they are protected. To enhance two-way communication between the Company and employees, the “Green Window,” an anonymous communication channel and an open and diversified consultation channel, has been established. Employees may ask any questions that they find

difficult to ask using the Green Window as their privacy is 100% guaranteed and they have the right to speak out for themselves. For example, employees who feel that they are under too much pressure or overloaded at work, or have experienced unequal or malicious treatment, where communication with their direct supervisors is ineffective, such employee may report the matter and seek assistance through the Company’s Green Window, or the email box, which is publicly disclosed on the Company’s EIP. In 2023, the Green Window mailbox received one employee feedback case. After investigation, it was found unrelated to illegal acts in the workplace, and the company was not penalized by the government for any workplace illegal acts.