Human Rights Protection

To fulfill corporate social responsibilities and implement human rights protection, the Company refers to the International Bill of Human Rights, International Labor Organization Fundamental Conventions and Core Labor Standards, UN Global Compact, Responsible Business Alliance and its Code of Conduct, etc., the following human rights enforcement policies have been established to eliminate any violations of human rights, and to enable internal and external employees to receive reasonable, equal and dignified treatment.

Alltek Human Rights Policy

Implementation policy Provide a safe and healthy work environment Support employees’ physical and mental health Avoid discrimination of any kind that affects job opportunities



Plan and measure

  • Comprehensive insurance planning from the inside out allows employees to work with peace of mind. Occupational safety and health prevention drills are held on a regular basis.
  • Establishment of employee assistance mechanisms and barrier-free two-way communication channels:  Through various communication controls such as the Green Window, labor-management meetings, and inter-departmental meetings, to achieve barrier-free communication and a friendly workplace
  • Sound health management system:  Implement the four major plans of the OSHA in conjunction with annual health questionnaires and employee health checkups.
  •  Promote health promotion activities on a yearly basis.
  • Creating a female-friendly workplace
  • Support gender neutrality and their work rights
  •  Assistance plan for middle-aged and older employee
  • During the pandemic, online interviews were used to provide fair job opportunities. When a colleague was infected, the pandemic prevention team took the initiative to provide care and assistance.
Implementation policy Prohibition of child labor and illegal workers Prohibition of forced labor Assistance of employees in achieving work-life balance

Plan and measure

Not to hire underage workers under the age of 18. In addition, before hiring new employees, the identity and qualifications are reviewed in detail to ensure that all employees have the legal status to perform the work. The Company enforces the weekend system and encourages employees to maintain work-life balance.
  • Encourage and support the establishment of associations and provide subsidies.
  • Organize employee health day, family day, and charity events.
Human Rights Communication

The Company values the opinions and interests of employees and has built a variety of communication platforms and channels to build consensus among employees and promote harmonious labor-management relations. Multiple communication channels include Welfare Committee, quarterly labor-management meeting, Green Window, quarterly all-staff meeting as well as inter-departmental meetings, to openly discuss and review various human rights policies. To strengthen communication channels, the Company provides education and training to employees on the communication channel so that any occupational safety, labor or ethical issues are able to be effectively fed back and recommended to employees. We facilitate education and training to raise awareness of human rights-related issues among employees. In 2022, a total of 262 hours of workplace health and safety awareness will be provided to employees.

Green Window

The Company attaches great importance to listening to the inner voice of employees and spare no effort to protect the rights and interests of employees. When formulating various policies, the Company takes into account the rights and interests of employees to ensure they are protected. To enhance two-way communication between the Company and employees, the “Green Window,” an anonymous communication channel and an open and diversified consultation channel, has been established. Employees may ask any questions that they find difficult to ask using the Green Window as their privacy is 100% guaranteed and they have the right to speak out for themselves. For example, employees who feel that they are under too much pressure or overloaded at work, or have experienced unequal or malicious treatment, where communication with their direct supervisors is ineffective, such employee may report the matter and seek assistance through the Company’s Green Window, or the email box, which is publicly disclosed on the Company’s EIP.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the “Green Window” provided employees with diversified consultation services and helped refer cases to the relevant response teams so that relevant units were able to handle and respond these cases immediately. For example, the collection of masks, rapid lateral flow tests, and vaccination schedules, and quarantine times. There were no human rights complaints in 2022.

Welfare Care

We listen to the needs of each colleague and strive to build a happy, and caring local enterprise. We value every important stage of employees’ lives, actively organize employee activities, care for employees’ physical and mental health, and provide various employee assistance plans, through the implementation of diversified benefits while taking care of employees’ daily life. By doing so, our employees can truly feel the balance between work and life and work with peace of mind.

We participate in every important stage of employees’ lives Participate in employee gatherings
Major events in life Marriage/bereavement/childbirth allowance Employee movie tickets (vouchers) Me Time
Emergency assistance Hospitalization and medical allowance Lounge Area Get together occasionally outside of work hours to create a friendly atmosphere for teamwork
Family care Childcare allowance Birthday gift vouchers Greetings on Important Holidays
Work with peace of mind Employee group insurance Overseas travel subsidy/holidays Encourage employees to travel with their families
Career recreation Assistance plan for middle-aged and older employees Club subsidies Bridge the gap between departments
Retirement plan Employee stock ownership trust Employee travel Raise cohesion among colleagues
We Participate in Every Important Stage of Employees’ Lives

We look after our employees as well as their families. We provide timely assistance to employees at various important stages in their life, including wedding and funeral allowances, maternity allowance, and hospitalization allowance. We also provide childcare allowance in an effort to reduce the financial burden of employees. To ensure the stability of life of employees, we offer group insurance to employees to make the life of employees and their dependents more secure. To improve the quality of life of employees upon retirement, an “Employee Stock Ownership Trust” is established. Regular employees who have at least 2 years of service in the Company and who have potential or good performance and are specially designated by the supervisor may apply for membership. In addition to their own contributions, the Company also contributes a certain percentage of subsidy each month, helping employees accumulate retirement funds.

  • Pension Contribution & Employee Trust Fund

At Alltek, employees have an option for the new or the old pension plan. 6% of the employee’s salary is contributed as pension fund deposited to the employee’s personal account with the Labor Insurance Bureau according to the law, to protect the rights and interests of employees. In addition, monthly contributions are made to the labor retirement reserve (2% contribution rate) to protect the rights of employees who opted for the old pension system. The contribution rate to employee trust fund varies by grade. The Company’s additional contribution rate is 50%.

Item Contribution rate Employee participation rate
Old pension plan under the Labor Standards Act 2% 11.44%
New pension plan under the Labor Pension Act 6% 98.73%
Employee trust fund 50% 53%

Note 1. The appropriation of employee pension under the old and new pension plans does not include the “person-in-charge”. The total number of employees is 236 after deducting the person-in-charge as of 2022/12/31.

Note 2. Employee participation rate of employee trust fund = number of participants/those qualified.

In terms of insurance and welfare system, Alltek provides each employee with group accident insurance and business travel group accident insurance. We aim to fully protect our colleagues whether in daily life, at work, or on business trips. The coverage includes death insurance claims, funeral expenses insurance claims, disability insurance claims, injury medical insurance claims, overseas sudden illness health and medical claims, and overseas emergency relief.

The impact and challenged faced by Taiwanese companies will be older and middle-aged employees. We hope to create a workplace where employees can work with peace of mind and is considerate. Welfare measures for the elderly are included to provide a more supportive and secure environment. In 2023, we will establish a work plan and a corresponding evaluation mechanism for the middle-aged and old employees and implement related support measures and plan promotion within 3-5 years.

Participate in Employee Gatherings

In an effort to increase communication between departments, build employee loyalty, look after employees’ physical and mental health, and facilitate harmonious family life of employees, the Company encourages and supports the establishment of clubs. The Company provides an establishment fund and a subsidy for quarterly event activities. We hope to organize diversified and educational activities through the clubs to narrow the gap between departments, while also encouraging non-members and family members to participate in the clubs. Our goal is to relieve employee stress, enhance employee friendship, and promote family relationships. At present, badminton, handcrafting, sports, health, and basketball clubs have been established. More than 60% of the Company’s employees have participated in club activities, which shows that the clubs are highly appreciated. In addition, Alltek attaches great importance to the organizational atmosphere and encourages employee gatherings. E-tickets are distributed on employees’ birthdays, and employee movie tickets are given on a quarterly basis (in response to the pandemic, movie tickets were given in the form of e-tickets so that employees were able to use them with flexibility), departmental allowances, and paid travel leave.

Healthy Workplace

Given the fact that physically successful companies come from a group of healthy and active employees, Alltek actively promotes an atmosphere of exercise among employees, creates a healthy workplace, and continues to optimize and improve various measures internally. We participated the campaign of “Sporty Enterprises” jointly initiated by the Sports Administration and the National Association of Small & Medium Enterprises, hoping that, through our own corporate strength, we will pass on our philosophy to each enterprise and give back to society. In March 2022, the Company was invited by National Association of Small & Medium Enterprises to serve as the representative of enterprise sharing at the briefing in Taipei (sharing – corporate sponsorship plan for employing sports instructors). In June 2022, we were invited to an exclusive interview with the “Sports Fever” plan of the National Education Radio. In November 2022, the Company was invited by the Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare to serve as the “North District Workplace Health Promotion Personnel Education and Training Course Lecturer,” sharing experience with various enterprises and help promote how to create a healthy workplace. In December 2022, the Company was invited to the North District Health Promotion Center to participate in industry-specific promotion manual meetings and share practical experience with experts to assist companies in promoting health promotion.

From 2019 to 2021, Alltek won consecutive awards from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, from “Health Initiation and Promotion to the highest award: National Outstanding Healthy Workplace – Vitality Award.” In 2021, the Company was awarded the “iTaiwan iSports Certification” by the Sports Administration and the Bronze Award in the “CHR Healthy Corporate Citizenship” award by CommonHealth Magazine. In 2022, the Company was recognized again by CommonHealth Magazine and won the silver award in the “CHR Healthy Corporate Citizenship” award.

In 2019 and 2020, the Company was awarded the Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace and Health Promotion Label by the Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Health and Safety Management

At Alltek, we attach great importance to the health and safety of its employees, and actively establishes a comfortable and safe working environment to prevent the occurrence of occupational hazards. Based on the “four major plans for labor health protection” initiated by OSHA, we have built a good workplace health environment and assessment system. In terms of risk assessment table, professional “workplace health care personnel” are assigned to assist employees in the prevention, control, and promotion of physical and mental health. Through the health APP platform, we will set up personalized health management and data tracking for our employees, provide comprehensive risk report analysis, and prevent and intervene at an early stage when an employee has physical and mental problems, keeping a close eye on the health of employees. In order to ensure that employees can work in a healthy and safe working environment, occupational safety training for new employees is organized so that employees equipped with the safety knowledge necessary for their work while also reducing the occurrence of accidents in the workplace. Employees can also use the Company’s health management system APP to keep abreast of new health information and make online appointments for occupational health consultation. In 2022, a total of 42 new recruits completed safety and health education and training, and there was 0 case of occupational accident throughout the year.

Employee Health Care

Alltek cares about the health of employees, actively promotes workplace health, and is committed to protecting the physical and mental health of employees. Regular health examinations are organized for all employees, including general health examinations and special health examinations. As of the end of 2022, the Company’s employees had no physical exam abnormalities caused by special operations. Each year, health care workers engaged in labor health services are contracted to provide to provide on-site services such as health management, occupational disease prevention, and health promotion, including the implementation of four major health protection plans: workload assessment and management, human-induced hazard prevention, maternal health protection, and workplace violence prevention. In addition, the Company conducts employee health questionnaires on a regular basis every year. Occupational physicians and nurses provide employees with health consultations and arrange one-on-one interviews based on the questionnaire and employee health checkup results. In 2022, a total of 23 colleagues completed interviews and health education guidance.

Management of Ergonomic and Psychological Hazards
  • Repetitive Task Triggered Musculoskeletal Disease Prevention Plan

The Company conducted a questionnaire under the four major labor health protection plans in 2022. Through the results of the Musculoskeletal Pain Scale, a total of 3 high-risk cases were identified as suspected to be at risk. The Company then worked with physicians, occupational nurses, and occupational safety and health personnel to clarify the case and an on-site observation was conducted before arranging personnel visits and providing health education and guidance to prevent occupational diseases from occurring. In 2022, with health care and health promotion, the number of people with skeletal and muscle pain (suspected to be at risk) dropped from 3.7% to 1.3%.

Risk Level Statistics in 2022

Health checkup items Non-harmful Suspected to be at risk At risk Confirmed disease
Abnormality 225 3 0 0
Number of people examined 228 228 228 228
Abnormality rate 98.70% 1.30% 0% 0%


Health checkup items Non-harmful Suspected to be at risk At risk Confirmed disease
2020 Abnormality rate 96.30% 3.70% 0% 0%
Abnormality rate in 2021 98.50% 1.50% 0% 0%
Abnormality rate in 2022 98.70% 1.30% 0% 0%
  • Abnormal Workload-Induced Illness Prevention Program

The 10-year risk of developing cardiovascular disease was calculated based on the Fatigue Scale survey and the results of employees’ annual health checkup reports.

According to the risk level and the interview recommendation table, the number of people at medium risk of overload prevention in 2022 dropped significantly to 0 people with a high-risk score of 4.

Risk Level Statistics in 2022

Health checkup items Low risk (0) Medium risk (1) Medium risk (2) High risk (3) High risk (4)
Abnormality 145 51 12 1 0
Number of people examined 225 225 225 225 225
Abnormality rate 64.4% 22.7% 5.3% 0.4% 0.0%


Health checkup items Low risk (0) Medium risk (1) Medium risk (2) High risk (3) High risk (4)
2020 Abnormality rate 64.4% 26.5% 9.1% 0.0% 0.0%
Abnormality rate in 2021 67.5% 26.6% 5.9% 0.0% 0.0%
Abnormality rate in 2022 64.4% 22.7% 5.3% 0.4% 0.0%
  • Prevention Plan for Unlawful Infringement During the Execution of Duties

Cases were received through departmental questionnaires and reports by human resources personnel. A total of 84 questionnaires were recovered (none of which was abnormal). If there is any abnormality, the prevention plan for unlawful infringement will be initiated immediately in conjunction with human resources and occupational nurses.

Understand the working conditions of employees and confirm the details of the unlawful infringement case, counsel the victims on their mental health, and propose relevant health recommendations on the suitability of physical and mental health protection measures such as planning of wellness guidance, work adjustment or replacement to reduce unlawful infringement.

Maternal Health Management

In 2022, a total of 2 employees were listed as the targets of maternal health protection. The risk level of their working environment and work content was confirmed, their health status cared for, with health education provided as well as health instructions, doctor consultation and interviews arranged. To help mothers in the workplace feel at ease, we provide comprehensive maternal care and safety environment. All full-time employees who meet the statutory requirements for unpaid parental leave are entitled to apply for parental leave of absence to protect the needs of their families. In terms of friendly facilities, we have a lactation room in place, parking bays for pregnant women, and gender-friendly toilets to provide a friendly workplace where maternal employees can work with peace of mind.


In 2022, a total of 12 employees were qualified for parental leave, and 2 employees actually applied for parental leave, representing an application rate of 17%. The statistics on employees’ parental leave for the year are as follows:


Male Female Total

Status of the current year

Number of people eligible for applying for unpaid parental leave in the current year 5 7 12
Actual number of people applying for unpaid parental leave in the current year 0 2 2

Status of reinstatement

(A) Number of people taking unpaid parental leave expected to be reinstated in the current year 1 3 4
(B) Number of people taking unpaid parental leave who were reinstated in the current year 0 3 3
Reinstatement rate = (B)/(A)    0% 100% 75%

Retention status

(C) Actual number of employees reinstated in the previous year 0 1 1
(D) Number of employees still employed in 12 months after reinstatement in the previous year 0 0 0
Retention rate = (D)/(C)   0% 0% 0%

*Note 1: The scope of statistics is Alltek Technology’s Taiwan region.

*Note 2: The number of employees eligible for applying for unpaid parental leave is based on the number of employees who took maternity and paternity leave from 2020 to 2022.

  • Employee Health Checkup

We attach great importance to the health rights of our employees and their physical and mental health at work. In addition to organizing regular health checkups and special protection for employees in accordance with laws and regulations, we also arrange diverse and enriching health promotion activities to create a healthy workplace and company culture for employees. To provide comprehensive health care services, the Company arranges health checkups for employees on a regular basis. Employees with abnormal test values are tracked and provided with necessary individual health consultation, care and guidance so that employees can keep track of their own health status. The results for employees’ health checkups are received and kept. One-on-one consultations between occupational physicians and nurses are arranged for employees to comprehensively evaluate their work nature, living habits, family history and other factors, to provide employees and the company with improvement recommendations.


  • Annual Employee Health Checkup
  • Health Station

The Company provides an advanced body fat machine that not only measures individual body weight and body fat, but also individual metabolism and visceral fat percentage, allowing employees to monitor their own health at any time. Provided with blood pressure machine, the occupational nurses assist in the operation and provide explanations and health education at the same time.

Occupational nurses give instructions to operate the body fat machine.

Occupational nurses help with blood pressure measurement and provide health education.

Health Promotion Activities

Employees are the Company’s most important asset. We encourage employees to take part in a healthy lifestyle and create a healthy and safe workplace. We make an effort to plan for each employee activity to ensure the health of our employees. As well as this, we also proactively promote each health promotion activities, including club activities, Family Day, Health Day, and Mid-Autumn Festival activities. Our activities with diverse contents have previously attracted the attention of the media, and they have taken the initiative to come to interview. The Company has become a successful enterprise in promoting workplace sports. Despite the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 in recent years, Alltek continues to monitor the health of employees. A health LINE event has been held since 2020, with a different theme set each year. This not only practices the spirit of work-life balance, and good feedbacks are also received. The event is well received by our employees, as the number of employee participants has increased year by year from 43 in the first year, to 256 in the third year in 2022.

“The resources invested by the Company and the influence of the senior executives with their actions are indispensable to each other and are without doubt the greatest assistance! To create a ‘Happy Workplace’ is not only to do the right things, but also to have the determination to do the best! We will continue to work hard to fulfill corporate social responsibilities and create a sustainable environment.”

iTaiwan iSports Certification/Media Interview Invitation

Awarded with the “Athlete Instructor Service” in November 2021 by the Sports Administration and represented the enterprise to share information on.

Diverse and Wonderful Activities
Health Seminar/Course

Due to the impact of the pandemic, organizing such events faced many challenged. Nevertheless, we continued to organize them and encourage employees to participate actively in order to reduce the risk of personal health hazards.

  • Course Content of Each Year
Year Health promotion courses and seminars hours Number of participants


Human factors engineering 3hr 54
Positive thinking, physical and mental stress relief and exercise 3hr 40
Healthy Eating 1hr 22
Health management 1hr 15


Human factors engineering 1hr 33
Relieve physical and mental stress 2hr 75
Sleep improvement 1hr 50
Healthy Eating 1hr 49
Exercise courses 13hr 354


Human factors engineering 1hr 73
Health management 1hr 58
Healthy Eating 1hr 68
Health management 1hr 63
Sports Promotion
iTaiwan iSports Certification

Social Care

While pursuing operational growth, the Company also undertakes its social responsibilities by giving back its profits to the society to create win-win values that are mutually beneficial for the enterprise and society. The impact of our business activities on local communities is one of our priorities, and we support disadvantaged groups with practical actions. Through the participation of all employees, we hope to contribute to public welfare and give back to society, creating a happy atmosphere in society, and fulfill our corporate social responsibilities. The Company’s involvement in social care activities can be divided into three main categories, namely “social welfare activities,” “environment-friendly activities,” and “arts and humanities activities.” Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the past two years, many companies Business activities have been significantly reduced, but social welfare organizations have not reduced demand due to the epidemic and may make the situation of disadvantaged groups more difficult. Within the feasible range, Alltek continues to invest in various social care activities. From 2019 to 2022, a total of 8 social welfare activities were promoted, and employees participated in a total of 125 public welfare activities. The items raised and donated to social welfare groups included: Christmas gifts, used shoes and uniform invoices. When the pandemic is under control in the future, Alltek will continue to promote charity an participate in social care activities.

  • Encouraging public welfare engagement
  • Establish a friendly cycle Awareness promotion!
  • Below are Examples of Social Care Activities Undertaken by Alltek
Social Care Activities
Target Content Participation/results


Renewal Foundation



Hosted the Alltek Christmas Market and donated the proceeds to help disadvantaged children.





Chinese Christian Relief Association



The “Shoe Box” Christmas gift collection event was held to collect stationery and books suitable for school-age children which were donated to rural schools.









Hualien County Government







Set up “Book Bank” stations in each township to raise resources for donation to rural schools.



Environmentally Friendly Activities


Content Participation/results






Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area






On Earth Day 2021, Business Today Magazine launched the 3-year: “Ocean 1095” project to respond with the support of enterprises and the public by completing the beach clean-up activity in Wai’ao Beach.







Accton Technology Corp



Integrate the concept of conservation into the community, revitalize the community, and strike a balance between the ecology and the economy of the community. We are a contracted supplier for “Making Partnership Work” of Accton Technology for two phases.

Donation of 960 kg of rice totaling NTD100,000.

Arts and Humanities Activities
Target Content Participation/results
Rotary Club Sponsored musical instruments and equipment and long-term training expenses of Home Run Taiwan. The Home Run Taiwan concert was presented to let the public know about this very special “Disability Band” where people with disabilities can see their different side of people and their potential, and to encourage them to give full play to their abilities.
Rotary Club Participated in the “Good Books on Campus – Gender-Friendly Dandelion” project. Through reading, we can learn and understand different gender traits, gender identities, sexual orientations, etc., and jointly create a gender-friendly environment where each child can be brave and be themselves.
Ju Percussion Group The “Team Percussion” class was established with the assistance of Ju Percussion Group. Due to the pandemic, the activities of the Team Percussion were affected. At this time, Alltek sponsored the orchestra to perform in another form, and assisted in the establishment of a corporate class for percussion orchestras, so that colleagues could perform at the Company’ year-end party and won praise.
Certificate of Appreciation for Public Welfare