Environmental Protection

Pay attention to local and environmental issues

My one little rice field

When the dawn of the adoption platform of Taiwanese rice farmers had just dawned, the concept of contract cultivation was ready to shine; ALLTEK invested in the adoption of rice cultivation for the first time and became a member of the first generation of adoption enterprises. I give rice farmers a more direct and substantive adoption through my one mu of land, eliminating the cost of intermediate layers, and returning the hard-farming rice to the adopters and market demand, and contributing to Taiwan’s rice culture. Inject new vitality.

Give us a clean ocean

70% of the earth is covered by the ocean, which determines our climate change, nurturing a rich marine ecology, and plays an important role in balancing the earth’s environment; it surrounds the beautiful Formosa more fertilely. In conjunction with employee travel, we have joined the beach cleaning trip at Waiao, and do our part for the ocean and environmental protection through daily actions.

Adopted the contract farming of Yilan

Yilan is the hometown of asian pear, and it is also the land where pear farmers in Taiwan are dedicated to guarding their cultivation. The adoption of agricultural deeds has always been the heart of ALLTEK’s efforts for local agriculture; through the adoption of the “Sanshing ShangJiang” peers, the pears gradually thrive. Understand the process of pear farmers from grafting, pollination, umbrella holding, fruit thinning, bagging to harvesting, and the careful care of each stage is just like the enterprise cultivating talents, giving appropriate and needed support at different stages.