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Navitas Semiconductor was formed in 2014 to enable a high-speed revolution in power electronics.

As the only pure-play, next-generation power semiconductor company, we are making this revolution possible with GaNFast™ integrated gallium nitride (GaN) power ICs, and GeneSiC™ silicon carbide power MOSFETs and Schottky MPS diodes that deliver best-in-class performance, ruggedness and quality.


大类 规格 描述(应用)
GaNFast 70m~300m

(800V max)

HFQR, ACF, PFC, LLC, LCC, AHB, Inverter, Motor
GaNSense 45m~450m

(800V max)

HFQR, AHB, PFC, LLC, LCC, Inverter, Motor
GaNSense Half-Bridge 70m+70m~275m+275m

(800V max)


LLC, LCC, Inverter, Motor

GaNSafe 25m~98m

(800V max)

HFQR, AHB, PFC, LLC, LCC, Inverter, Motor
SiC 15m~1000m (650V~6500V) Automotive, UPS, Solar, EV, Industrial