Micro Commercial Components Corp. (MCC)

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Micro Commercial Components Corp. (MCC) is a manufacturer of high-quality discrete semiconductors to the consumer and industrial markets.

MCC’s products include diodes, rectifiers, transistors, MOSFETs, voltage regulators and protection devices. We are the Complete Discrete Semiconductor Solution.


Category Category(series)
Diodes • Broad range of Zener,Schottky and switching diodes

• Standard and fast recovery rectifiers.

• Schottky barrier rectifiers

• Bridge Rectifier

Bipolar Transistors • Small signal transistors

• Medium power transistors.

• Pre biased 100mA/500mA transistors.

MOSFETs • Low Voltage (LV) MOSFET ( rangefrom 12V-30V )

• Medium Voltage (MV) MOSFET (range from 40V-200V )

• High Voltage (HV) MOSFET ( Range >400V )

ESD & TVS • Broad range of TVS from 200W to 30kW peak

pulse power and 1kA to 15kA peak pulse current.

• Wide range of ESD protection devices

up 36V and lowest Cj of 0.2pF.

IGBT • IGBT discrete comes in TO-247 package with 1200V

and 650V voltage selection and current up to 85A.

• 1200V IGBT modules in various packages with

current up 450A.

SiC • 1200V or 1700V SiC MOSFETs featuring

minimum 85mOhm Rds(on) and Kelvin source pin.

• Wide range of Schottky Barrier Rectifier with

650V/1200V reverse working voltage and up to 40A forward current.

Voltage Regulator • Common linear voltage regulator with output current

up to 1.5A and maximum input voltage of 36V.