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About GScoolink Microeletronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd

GScoolink Microeletronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd was found by IC experts in the high-speed interface and video processing area in 2014, which located in Zhongguancun Software Park. GS TECH focus on the innovative and robust ultra-high-definition audio and video transfer/processing IC products development and is committed to being a global leader in this area. We are the first company in China to launch a full spectrum Ultra HDMI2.0 transceivers, including the most cost-effective ultra-high-definition network extender in the world, which can achieve long transmission distances of up to 120 meters with CAT 6/5e cables using light compression and innovative adaptive equalization technology. These innovative products have been adopted by some most professional companies in North America and China.

We are the company with talents as the core competitiveness is the primary drive for growth and 75% employees with master degree. The key RD team has more than 20 years of RD and mass production experience in the field of large-scale hybrid IC products. We adopted the growth together compensation system and strived to let everyone experience and share the company’s fast development.




HDMI Splitter HDMI Splitter
HDMI Switcher and Matrix HDMI Switcher and Matrix
HDMI Cable Extender HDMI Cable Extender
HDMI Interface Chip HDMI Interface Chip