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In July 1998, Shanghai Commercial Investment Company, ASIC & System State-Key Laboratory of Fudan University and a group of founders with dreams and pioneer spirits established FMSH. Since then, FMSH has successfully taken a dominant position of the ASIC industry in China. FMSH went public in Hong Kong Growing Enterprise Market on August 4th, 2000(stock code: 8102), being the first listed IC design company from mainland China. On January 8th, 2014, the enterprise transferred of listing from GEM to Main Board(stock code: 1385).

Today, FMSH has been grown from 10 founders to over 700 employees with customers all around the world. With its excellent management system, high development potential and remarkable achievements, FMSH has attracted attention from people in IC industry both at home and abroad. The well-known Hong Kong magazine “Asia Financial” listed FMSH as one of the best ten companies in Mainland China in 2001.

Growing in shanghai, focusing on Hong Kong and heading to the world,FMSH aims at developing the microelectronics industry in China and keeping up with the international advanced technology. Our daily work has set a solid base for the company to become the leading global IC group.


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