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From its earliest days, Bourns established a benchmark for quality, value, and innovation. In 1952, Bourns patented the world’s first trimming potentiometer, trademarked Trimpot ®. Bourns’ dedication to excellence ensures continuous improvement of its products and services to satisfy customer requirements on a global basis.

The company, with worldwide headquarters in Riverside, California and nine other facilities around the world has continued growing through acquisitions and start-ups. Product lines now include precision potentiometers, panel controls, encoders, resistor/capacitor networks, chip resistors/arrays, inductors, transformers, resettable fuses, thyristor-based overvoltage protectors, line feed resistors, gas discharge tubes, telephone station protectors, 5-pin protectors, industrial signal, irrigation and petroleum protectors, CATV coax protectors, signal data protectors, indoor and outdoor POT splitters, network interface devices, and integrated circuits.
Bourns, Inc. serves a broad range of markets, including telecommunications, computer, industrial, instrumentation, automotive, consumer, audio, and medical.

Product Application
  • Ceramic PTC Resettable Fuses
  • ChipGuard ESD® Suppressors
  • Gas Discharge Tubes
  • Line Protection Modules
  • SinglFuseTM Thin Film Chip Fuses
  • Multifuse® PPTC Resettable Fuses
  • TelefuseTM Telecom Protectors Thyristor Surge Protectors
  • Transient Blocking Units(TBUTM)
  • TVS Diode Array
  • Telecom and Datacom
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Commercial Electronics
  • PC Motherboards
  • Mobile Phones / PDAs
  • Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)
  • Central Office (CO)
  • Overcurrent Protection Device
  • Overvoltage Protection Device
  • VoIP Equipment
  • HDMI / DVI port Protection
  • USB 2.0 / IEEE1394 port Protection


Category Description Link
Circuit Protection Bourns delivers the most comprehensive line of circuit protection technology and solutions in the industry.
Magnetic Inductors
SingFuse SingFuse
PTC Resettable Fuse PTC Resettable Fuses
Potentiometers Potentiometers
Resistors Bourns is known as a leading supplier of resistive products with a broad line of resistive components that meet a diverse range of application needs.