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AMPAK is a company with over 20 years of experience in wireless module R&D, design, production, marketing and product technology integration services.
AmPAK has a team of professional high-frequency module hardware design and software integration engineers with rich experience in customer applications, and can provide a series of SiP and industrial standard modules to serve worldwide regions in response to customer and market-oriented product and technical support needs. AMPAK provides complete solutions for consumer and industrial customers who want to apply their products in smart home, security, Internet of Things, remote office or industrial automation, smart healthcare, smart transportation and other service systems. With a proactive service attitude, AmPAK is able to satisfy a wide range of customers from economical and practical products to industrial standard high-end products, and to exceed customer expectations.


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Configurable mixed signal IC, AM1U11XX(single power) & AM1U12XX(dual power).
Power Delivery AM321XXX




DC-DC with inductor integration uses the package substrate.
Load Switch AM6UXXXX Power switch with over Voltage/Current/Temperature protection.