Micro Commercial Components Corp (MCC)

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Micro Commercial Components Corp. (MCC) 是一家為消費和工業市場提供高品質分離半導體的製造商。

MCC的產品包括二極體、整流器、電晶體、MOSFET、穩壓器和保護元件。 我們提供完整的分立半導體解決方案。


大類 類別(系列)
Diodes • Broad range of Zener,Schottky and switching diodes

• Standard and fast recovery rectifiers.

• Schottky barrier rectifiers

• Bridge Rectifier

Bipolar Transistors • Small signal transistors

• Medium power transistors.

• Pre biased 100mA/500mA transistors.

MOSFETs • Low Voltage (LV) MOSFET ( rangefrom 12V-30V )

• Medium Voltage (MV) MOSFET (range from 40V-200V )

• High Voltage (HV) MOSFET ( Range >400V )

ESD & TVS • Broad range of TVS from 200W to 30kW peak

pulse power and 1kA to 15kA peak pulse current.

• Wide range of ESD protection devices

up 36V and lowest Cj of 0.2pF.

IGBT • IGBT discrete comes in TO-247 package with 1200V

and 650V voltage selection and current up to 85A.

• 1200V IGBT modules in various packages with

current up 450A.

SiC • 1200V or 1700V SiC MOSFETs featuring

minimum 85mOhm Rds(on) and Kelvin source pin.

• Wide range of Schottky Barrier Rectifier with

650V/1200V reverse working voltage and up to 40A forward current.

Voltage Regulator • Common linear voltage regulator with output current

up to 1.5A and maximum input voltage of 36V.